Why your office needs a pool table

Start-ups have been recognised for their “trendy” offices with pool tables, foosball tables, bean bags and even sleeping areas over the years. While many people trust that these little fads in the workplace to be extreme and even pretentious at times, there is a lot of evidence out there to advocate these little perks while you work.

It makes your staff happy.

As is well known, happy workers are fruitful ones and there’s no shortage of research to back that up either. People who are contented in their work surroundings are more driven and more productive than those who aren’t.

Having a pool table in your office will give your staff something fun to do on their lunch and tea breaks, which in turn will make them better-off in their work and therefore more productive. Everybody wins.

It will show your team you care about them.

Pool table

If you want your top employees to stay with you, (and you can’t give them a raise), then you’re going to have to show them you really care.

Giving your workers something fun to do on their downtime shows them that you care and that you accept as true that they should be rewarded for their hard work.

Their eyes will be grateful.

If your personnel are staring at a screen all day, they’re expected to suffer eye strain, upper limb problems and fatigue on a daily basis, that’s not just a theory anymore.

It’s recommended that you keep the following in mind for them:

  • • Take care to stretch and change position often
  • • Look at far-off objects every so often
  • • Take a break before you get tired, rather than to recuperate
  • • Take short, frequent breaks
  • A game of pool every few hours fulfils all of these needs, leaving your employees reinvigorated and ready to go as well as dropping the health risks linked with working with computers.

    Your team will become all the better for it.

    A brief game of pool gives your workers a chance to shape associations with each other. Getting to know each other better will make it much easier for your team to tackle each other for help and support. Statistics show that people who have a ‘best friend’ at work are 7x more likely to be involved with work and that close friendships at work increase employee gratification by almost 50%.

    It will make them more productive.

    Conflicting with what a lot of bosses might accept as true, taking frequent breaks will actually help you get more work done. Mental concentration is similar to a muscle, it becomes exhausted after continued use and needs a rest period before it can recuperate.