How To Beat The Quiz Machine

To stand a good chance of overcoming the motorised quizmaster, you need to formulate a dream team that can be prepared for any question. There's no maximum, so the more mates you’ve got the better, and any specialist topic can possibly be your saving grace.

Choose your venue

Choosing the precise venue is vital, because it will govern what quiz machines, drinks and toilets are accessible to you. Maybe most significant of all is selecting a venue that will not have over-crowded machines - whether it's a quiet pub with only one machine, or an eventful pub with more than enough machines to go around, you don't want to be hanging around for a place in front of the machine.

Order your drinks

The perfect drinks to order will be drinks you can sip for a long time like a trusty pint. Guinness works great as the bitter taste will stop you having too much at once.

Elect your button-pusher

The principle of playing on a quiz machine is this: only one person must ever be in charge of the button. The ideal contender will be calm under pressure, and have a robust general knowledge of their own, which will help them out in last-minute choices. Being a button operator is a big obligation, but brings with it the power to reject some responses, and in risky cases, to seize drinks from disruptive teammates.

Pick your game

The selection of game is, of course, very significant, but also mainly up to personal inclination. As a universal rule, however, the best selections are games that don't rely severely on skill games, which are volatile. Aim for games that need strong general knowledge, and give you a choice of groupings wherever possible.

Pace yourself

Your dream team will be eager to go by this point, and will undoubtedly feel able to use their digits to get through five or ten questions' worth of quiz in a couple of minutes. However, even if the answers are clear, don't be tricked: if you accelerate too quickly, you'll hit upon a tough question soon and be ill-equipped. Take it slow, even if you can come up with the responses quickly, it'll literally pay off in the long run.

Pace your drinking

No explanation needed. Don’t be a fool now. Enjoy yourself.

Increase your morale

It's vital that you keep the team's self-confidence up as time goes on; disruptions such as the vision of food, or people you know, may start to entice some of the team away from the quiz machine. Then it’s time for some tough love. Keep them in check and quizzing well, because victory is close.

Make your exit

Be very vigilant to quit while you're ahead. You've come so far, and been very persistent, and now, after a few games, the quiz machine has paid out a little more than you put into it. Don't be drawn in to reinvesting your hard earned cash if your amazing team is past its peak; you've really got to choose carefully. When you do eventually leave, walk out with pride. You’ve only beaten your local pub’s quiz machine, and that’s no easy task.

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