What sort of quiz machines Maxicoin can provide?

Pub quiz machines are a cornerstone of many pubs, bars and clubs in the UK. Their status stems from their assortment of games and the fact that new technology and ground-breaking facilities are continually being devised for them. These quiz machines deliver a wide assortment of games where players must use wisdom and expertise to win cash prizes. They also encompass popular TV show based games which widen customer appeal more than other pub gaming machine systems.

Maxicoin provides a variety of pub quiz machines manufactured by the business's leading designers. All of our machines are laden with the newest games and software and are frequently updated with new and exciting games to uphold high levels of cash income. Some of our machines even have the ability to link online for nationwide and regional tournaments and progressive prizes.

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These quiz machines are perfect for all venue types of any scope too., so call Maxicoin today for more info on our pub quiz machines, and supply services. We can provide mostly any Pub Quiz Machine to hire, rent or profit share. We have access to all available on the market today including one that is not... the HALO. It is exclusive to us and our customers. Pub Quiz Machine hire does not require any license or permit so can be sited anywhere, but normally works best in Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and places with good crowds of people.

  • • £50 cash maximum jackpot
  • • Good selection of the latest games
  • • Local Authority permit exempt
  • Quiz machines are usually offered on a Profit Share only. This means you will pay NO RENTAL and you will get a minimum profit share of 50% These are our standard rates for Pub Quiz Machine hire and Pub Quiz Machine profit sharing. It is always best to contact us before making a decision as most of the time we can offer a better deal once we know what you need.