How to Hit a Boxing Machine

The Boxing Punch Game constitutes of a hanging bag or pad that is let loose upon inserting coins or tokens into the machine. It involves the punching of that speed bag as hard as the puncher possibly can. Upon punching it, the pad is knocked back up into its original position, while the force involved is calibrated as a score that is electronically displayed. The stronger the punch, the higher the score recorded. Hence, to score more, the puncher has to have prior knowledge on how to throw a strong punch since it is the only way to rank higher on the display board.

To throw these powerful punches with the boxing machine, the puncher should make sure that he or she stands with the foot on the same side of his body as his punching hand, and it should be positioned farther away from the punching bag compared to his other foot. Moreover, his feet should be slightly wider spread than his shoulders to maintain overall body stability.

Also, the puncher is always expected to ensure that his feet are nearly in line with the punching bag. This position ensures that there is a line running from his back foot through to the lead foot, a little to the side of the bag opposite his punching hand. For instance, if the puncher is left-handed, he is supposed to stand such that his feet point a little to the right of the punching bag. Still, on the feet, he should make sure to keep both of them on the ground all through the punching.

On his body position, he ought to keep his entire weight slightly forward to the center, with his back heel off the ground. Besides, his upper body should be slightly turned towards the punching bag. Nonetheless, the puncher’s chest should neither be pointed directly at the bag nor should it be directly perpendicular to his feet. His body should be turned towards the bag as he throws his punch. This, in turn, enables the forward spinning off his feet more easily and makes the rotating of his hips and shoulders towards the punching pad possible.

Ultimately, we get to the punch. The puncher should direct his punch to the center of the punching bag for the best power transmission. He ought to drive it through the bag as hard as he possibly can. Imagination comes in handy as well. It works tremendously if the puncher imagines punching an object that is on the target rather than the target itself. The concept eliminates the risk of let-up before the likely impact.

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