The Maxicoin's pub fruit machines manufacturers backstory

We offer a variety of Pub Fruit Machines to hire, rent or be part of our profit share scheme including the latest models from Bell Fruit, and Barcrest.

Here a little backstory regarding our manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible quality fruit achines for your pub or bar.

The fruit machines nightmare: a woman got her millionaire winning denied by the casino

An unlucky lady was jumping up in the air with excitement when she thought she’d earned the £5.5million prize at a local casino.

Veronica Castillo couldn’t believe it when her $100 bet, which is around £70, swelled to a huge $8.5m, which is almost £5.3m, on a high-stakes fruit machine. So when the contraption started sporadically blinking the colour gold with dollar signs chiming in, she couldn’t believe her luck. That was until the dodgy fruit machine stopped displaying the dollar signs and in its place came up with a very unwelcome fault message.

License guide for Pub Fruit Machine

Do you need a license to operate a Fruit Machine in your Pub or Club?

Don’t forget that there are some conditions in which you don’t actually need a gaming machine (fruit machine, slot machine)operationallicence.

Fruit machines figures in 2014

The Scottish have blown an astounding £158,000,000 on these new controversial slot machines dubbed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’.

According to new figures, the total amount staked on the casino-type fixed odds betting terminals in 2014 was £3.4billion.

The machines allow customers to bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on computer-generated versions of casino games.