Cashless payments for Gaming & Amusement Machines

The use of debit cards and contactless payments has increased. Technology advancements that enable payments via phones, watches, and wristbands have been accompanied by a sharp decline in consumers' use of cash.

Contactless payments on Amusement Machines

Using a debit / credit card or even a phone or a watch for payment on machines is now possible. Contactless readers can be installed on Pool Tables and other non-gaming machines such as Boxing Machines to enable cash and cashless payments. This has the potential to significantly increase revenue.

Contactless payments on Fruit Machines

The direct use of debit / credit cards on gaming machines such as Fruit Machines is prohibited under current law, however newer machines support the use of cashless payments using an app on the players phone. We use a solution from Game Payment Technology or GPT as it's more commonly known to provide the cashless feature.

You can read more about GPT on their website.

Game Payment Technology (GPT)