Why your office needs a pool table

Start-ups have been recognised for their “trendy” offices with pool tables, foosball tables, bean bags and even sleeping areas over the years. While many people trust that these little fads in the workplace to be extreme and even pretentious at times, there is a lot of evidence out there to advocate these little perks while you work.

A surge in demand for iconic vinyl jukeboxes has led to a waiting list for these new classic Jukebox machines.

A British has really had a cracking Christmas last year thanks to a huge surge in demand for the production of old fashioned vinyl-playing jukeboxes. Sound Leisure has revitalised the vinyl jukebox thanks to a stupidly high demand for the old iconic record players. At the moment, there’s a six-month waiting list for jukeboxes that cost around £8,000 a piece, and are currently the world’s only freshly made vinyl jukeboxes.

How To Improve Revenue With Gaming Machines

If you’re on the lookout for some new and innovative ways to get some patrons into your business, then you may want to think about getting some gaming machines into it such as fruit machines, and boxing machines etc. You may have seen some of these machines in some local pubs or bars in your area already. The thrill of each gaming machine can get very addictive, and the secret is that customers continually come back to your establishment for more when they find a machine that takes their fancy.

Pub Fruit Machine Strategies To Win More Money

It should be obvious that no one strategy will make you a steady victor. These guidelines can increase your odds of winning and help you save money you'd lose otherwise, but these tips won’t make it that much easier, nothing can do that. Anyone who says that their approaches will help you win the jackpot is simply whispering hot air into your ear. So here are the strategies: