How To Use a Jukebox

Although jukeboxes hit their peak of fame in the 1940’s and 1950’s, they were around in the ‘20s and ‘30s. They were commonly seen in bars and diners all across the U.S. and the U.K.

The Best Tips For Better Pub Machine Revenue

There's a common misconception that a pub's revenue comes solely from selling drinks, but pub gaming machines have been found to raise a bar's profits by up to 30%. Let's look at how your pub can benefit from investing in the tradition of pub gaming.

How Amusement And Electronic Gaming Machines Work?

How Electronic Gaming Machines Work

Gaming machines are like free money, and they're great for your business for two reasons. Number one: they attract customers, keep them on the premises and generate interest in your business. Number two: they provide easy additional revenue, sometimes quite a lot of it. Electronic gaming machines are the most profitable type of gambling in casinos, with low operating cost and excellent income. Gaming machines are great for pubs, clubs and many other establishments.

How to Hit a Boxing Machine

Throwing a Perfect Punch to a Boxing Machine

Games are universal activities. In the early days, games were largely viewed as kids’ affairs. They were unusual if not unheard of for an adult to engage in such endeavours. However, with the recent technological advancements, we have witnessed the development of games that are compatible with all ages, including the olds, the kids, and the youths. Games have been recognized as important activities that reduce or help diminish stress levels of individuals among other social benefits. Let’s talk about boxing. For those who love boxing, there are a variety of boxing games available today. One major game appreciated by many is the Boxing Punch, an arcade boxing machine.