Can Pub Quiz Machines Be Addictive?

Pub quiz machines first made their appearance in the United Kingdom in 1985. They started out as a very simple and passive form of entertainment. Cash prizes have always been associated with these machines, but the point for many players was not entirely focused on the cash payout at first.

What sort of quiz machines Maxicoin can provide?

Pub quiz machines are a cornerstone of many pubs, bars and clubs in the UK. Their status stems from their assortment of games and the fact that new technology and ground-breaking facilities are continually being devised for them. These quiz machines deliver a wide assortment of games where players must use wisdom and expertise to win cash prizes. They also encompass popular TV show based games which widen customer appeal more than other pub gaming machine systems.

How To Beat The Quiz Machine

To stand a good chance of overcoming the motorised quizmaster, you need to formulate a dream team that can be prepared for any question. There's no maximum, so the more mates you’ve got the better, and any specialist topic can possibly be your saving grace.

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Quiz / SWP machines and the ongoing problem of "is it a game of skill"

This morning I sat down with my cup of coffee to have a quick browse through the weekly Coinslot. Right on the front page is the usual "is your quiz machine an actual quiz machine".